There are many reasons that you may have to sell your home QUICKLY!
You may have been a victim of the current economic times, you might just be tired of being a landlord, you may need to sell to a cash buyer due to the condition of your home.  Maybe you inherited the home and need the cash, or you might be getting divorced and need the cash. Whatever the reason you have come to the right place.

RocketTheme templates features some amazing advanced features and layout possibilities that open up a wide world of options for your sites. Unfortunately, the default Joomla content in a new Joomla install is very limited and does little to take advantage of the abilities of a modern Joomla template.

Each of our demo sites has been highly customized to show off the abilities of each template and give that "professional touch" to the look and feel of the content. This professional look could not be achieved without hands on manual customization, that is, until now.

Populus now features the exciting new RocketLauncher custom Joomla install option. With the RocketLauncher Populus Joomla installer, you can instantly create a Joomla site complete with custom content that is a perfect replica of our Populus demo site that has been professionally tuned to look its best, all with just a few clicks.

The Populus RocketLauncher package consists of a full Joomla install, complete with all of the demo images, content, modules, and extensions. By running the installer, your Joomla site will be set up with all everything needed to create an exact implementation of the demo site automatically.

RocketLauncher includes a FULL Joomla install, in addition to the template and demo contents. The Joomla installation process is necessary in creating the demo content, therefore RocketLauncher will only work properly as a new Joomla installation. It can not be used on an existing Joomla installation.

Step One: Uploading the RocketLauncher files

Download the separate Populus RocketLauncher package (Joomla_RT_ from the Populus template downloads section.

Unzip the RocketLauncher package, after which you will have a folder named "Joomla_RT_ Populus_j15". Using your FTP client, upload all of the files inside of the "Joomla_RT_ Populus_j15" folder (not the folder itself) to your server as you would a standard Joomla installation package. You can upload the files with a FTP client such as Filezilla.

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Step Two: Running the Installer

Point your browser to the location where you uploaded your RocketLauncher files (whichever domain/folder you uploaded to, generally the root of your web server). You will then see the Joomla 1.5 installation screen. Follow the Joomla installation on screen instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to click the LOAD SAMPLE DATA button in step 6 of the installation in order to load all of the demo content into your installation.

The Investment Process

The process from which a distressed property goes from a "fixer upper" to a finished house requires several steps.  Some investors choose to focus on a single step and create value and profit in that step only.  Some investors choose to complete the whole process themselves.  They buy the house from someone who is behind on their mortgage, a tired landlord, etc.  They then fix the house and sell it to the retail buyer.  For those of you who are new to real estate investing the following tabs will provide you with a basic understanding of each step in the process.  This will help you decide how you best want to invest in real estate.


Many investors choose to wholesale real estate.  This is the easiest way to start and allows you to "get in" without any money down.  How can this work you ask?  Well this is actually the most difficult part of the whole process.  You must find the "good deals."  You will find the motivated sellers, they will sell their house at a substantial discount to a cash buyer that can close quickly.  There are many ways to find them, you can mail letters, you can attract them through web marketing, they are involved in probate or divorce, or you can simply drive around looking for "ugly" houses.  Once you find these properties and negotiate a price that is 40-50% of the market value, you will secure them with an assingable contract.  Your deposit will be minimal, usually $10, and you must make sure that the contract is assignable.  Then you find a investor/buyer and assign them the contract for a fee.  You are never liable for more than your deposit and your fee is paid at closing.  When you find these properties go to the sellers area of this website and we can assign them to one of our investors and you can make your profit.


The most labor intensive of the process, this is where you take the ugly house and turn it into the nicest home on the block.  You generally make the most profit during this process, but also you have the most risk.  You can easily run over budget, over schedule, or find major repairs that you didn't expect.  Due to these factors you need to build a large cushion into your figures to make sure the project makes sense.  If everything goes according to plan your profit will be hefty, but if things don't you will still make money.  This is NOT something you want to do if you have a 9-5 job.  You can't do this on the weekends, or meet contractors on your lunch break.  If your day job is flexible and you can make your own schedule you can make it work.  When the house has been completed you can sell it to a retail buyer through a real estate agent, or at a slight discount to an investor looking to buy and hold.

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